Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tom Kramig
President and CEO
440-934-8230 [email protected]
Jacqueline Kramig
440-934-3636 [email protected]
Paul Siegwarth
VP of Stadium Operations
440-934-8231 [email protected]
Matt Moos
VP of Corporate Development
440-934-8234 [email protected]
Catie Graf
Director of Marketing & Promotions
440-934-8235 [email protected]
Greg Kobunski
Director of Food & Beverage
440-934-8242 [email protected]
Jay Miller
Director of Ticketing
440-934-8237 [email protected]
Collin DeJong
Box Office Manager
440-934-8239 [email protected]
Mike Mays
Corporate Account Executive
440-934-8238 [email protected]
Chris Meyer
Ticket Sales Account Executive
440-934-8236 [email protected]
DJ Saylor
440-934-8243 [email protected]
Kelly Scott
Promotions Manager
440-934-8241 [email protected]
Ryan Acus
Ticket Sales Account Executive
440-934-8240 [email protected]
Kyle Wagoner
Special Projects Coordinator
[email protected]
Cassidy Hyde
Merchandise & Employee Benefits Manager
[email protected]
Alicia Moore
Assistant Box Office Manager
440-934-8249 [email protected]
Andy "Bull" Barch
Radio Broadcaster
[email protected]
Stomper Bear

Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Cameron Roth
Emmanuel Quiles
Bench / Catching Coach
John Stevens
Hitting Coach