An Open Letter to the Avon Community

The Lake Erie Crushers would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation that was recently reported in the Chronicle Newspaper regarding the Avon High School Baseball Team's use of Sprenger Health Care Stadium for the 2018 season. 

For the past few years, the Crushers have allowed the High School baseball team to both practice and play games on our field, as a courtesy to the school system.  Avon High School DOES NOT pay the Team to use Sprenger Stadium.   However, our lease with the City of Avon allows us to sign field rental contracts with clients who wish to pay us to use the facility.  We have done this in the past, and demand for the ballpark has increased as a result.  In March, April and May of 2018 we have multiple organizations that have signed field rental contracts which, per the lease, take priority over non-paying clients.

Due to this increase in field rental contracts for 2018, field availability for non-paying clients has become limited, which means Avon High School Baseball will have limited field access in 2018.

We initiated multiple conversations with the school district regarding this issue starting last Spring, and have and are, re-working some of our schedule to host more Avon High School games at Sprenger Stadium. At present we have 5 games, and numerous practices scheduled in March and April with more dates still open. We are waiting to hear back from the district regarding these dates. Mr. Laub and Mr. Frombach state in the article the Crushers "weren't interested in negotiating", and Avon High School "weren't even offered the chance to pay if we had wanted to." This is simply not true.

To clarify, the Lake Erie Crushers are a private enterprise, paying a significant annual rent to the City, for Sprenger Health Care Stadium.  The organization employs more than 250 seasonal workers annually, and we must pursue every opportunity available to us to keep the Team operating in Avon.  We have supported the Avon School District in the past through events such as the Eagle Run and the Avon Heritage Kickball game fundraiser.  We hope to continue to do so in the future.  

The school district has also decided to prohibit the Crushers Reading Club, which distributes free tickets to Avon school children, from the Avon school system this Spring.  We also requested a meeting with the parents of Avon High School baseball players to discuss this issue, and were denied this request.

The Lake Erie Crushers work very hard to be good community citizens, but we are also a business. We ask that you understand these decisions are made to make the Crushers a viable business entity that adds to the quality of life for all of us here in Avon.

We hope this letter provides a better understanding for everyone going forward. We would be happy to discuss this further with the school district, the athletic department and any and all concerned citizens.



Tom & Jacqueline Kramig

Lake Erie Crushers